Just a Girl

A successful production from The Maltman lab.

Just A Girl was Heather’s first ever written work for the stage. It was successfully accepted into Short and Sweet Hollywood 2016. From the top 60 shows, it was selected from the wild cards by the judges to be in the final 12 for the festival. Heather and her two performers started a Pozzible campaign that allowed them to make it to Hollywood to perform in the show and make it the way they desired. They could not have done it without the generosity of everyone involved.

The Pozible campaign:

Starting at a base amount of $2500, they managed to raise a crazy $4305.

The Team:

Heather Maltman
*Producer – director of The Maltman lab

Alan Selva
*Financial Producer

Gina Limpus
* Performer
* Choreography

James Kendal
* Performer
* Choreography



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