Like most women there is more to Heather Maltman, from Australia’s The Bachelor, than just pretty dresses and a quirky attitude. She rose to fame very quickly on season 3 when she didn’t receive a rose. While Sam Wood may not have picked her. The Australian audience was quick to see she was more lovable than just “the girl next door”.

Being unafraid in fully showing herself in all her glory, is what has made her a wonderful asset to any show. From hosting breakfast radio shows nationally with Osher Gunsberg. To being a panellist on Studio Ten or The Project, and even having her own show with comedian Joel Creasy, I’m a Celebrity Get me Out Of Here Now. Whereby she not only climbed out on a steel beam over a gorge but also did a tug of war over a giant damn.

What you might not know is she has acted alongside Rebecca Gibney and Peter O’Brian. She’s made her own short films that have won awards. Started her own podcast that is heard in over 9 countries worldwide. With platforms on more than 11 sites including Spotify and iTunes.

Heather lead the production with the help of UNSW students for a live show, Oleanna by David Mamet, to open the White Ribbon Awareness week in Sydney.

But that doesn’t even scratch the surface of how much work this woman puts in. She donates time to workshops with the PCYC helping young men from disadvantaged homes. As well as mentoring young women in entertainment, on how to protect themselves in a very swayed industry.

She is more than happy to post and share ways of reducing your carbon footprint on her socials, which has a generous following base.


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